Trending & Google Ads Report 


Car Sharing Searches

An increase of 25% searches from Nov 2019.



Popular Keywords Avg. Monthly Searches Competition Ad Impression Share Top of page bid (Low range) Top of page bid (High range)
bluesg car 3,600 Low 22% SGD0.06 SGD0.58
carpool 1,300 Low SGD0.05 SGD0.88
smove sg 1,300 Medium 36% SGD0.41 SGD1.65


Other popular keywords to be included in the website content

carpool app
smove rental
bluesg charging points
carpool services
car share rental
rent car per hour
rideshare apps
electric car sharing
smove car sharing
cheapest car sharing

whizzcar location
rideshare companies
car sharing services
rideshare prices
tryp rideshare
via rideshare