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Data Item Checklist
Partial NRIC/FIN
Principal Name
Alias Name
Hanyu Pinyin Name
Hanyu Pinyin Alias Name
Married Name
Secondary Race
Date of Birth
Residential Status
Country of Birth
Passport Number
Passport Expiry Date
Pass Type
Pass Status
Pass Expiry Date
Employment Sector
Mobile Number
Email Address
Registered Address
Type of HDB
Type of Housing

Driving License

Data Item Checklist
Certificate of Merit Status
Total Demerit Points
Suspension Start Date
Suspension End Date
Disqualification Start Date
Disqualification End Date
Revocation Start Date
Revocation End Date
Provisional Driving Licence Validity
Provisional Driving Licence Expiry Date
Provisional Driving Licence Class
Qualified Driving Licence Validity
Qualified Driving Licence Expiry Date
Qualified Driving Licence Class
Photo Card Serial Number


Data Item Checklist
CPF Contribution History (up to 15 months)
Notice of Assessment (Detailed, Latest Year)
Notice of Assessment (Detailed, Last 2 Years)✔